My Story
By GlenRoy Grant – The Principal Music Consultant

As a young child, I was fascinated with the piano; so you can imagine the sheer excitement and joy that I felt as an eleven year old, attending my first classical piano lesson. Midway through my secondary education I diversified my musical talents by learning the tuba too; as my performance and presentation skills strengthened, I was fortunate enough to be selected, to perform before a live audience during a number of local musical productions, and as part of a classical ensemble.

Fast forward to my mid twenties and by now, I had honed my keyboard skills to a proficient standard, and invested in a series of vocal lessons (covering popular and classical music genres) to widen my musical horizons.

The training and experience I amassed, led to a number of great opportunities and memorable moments as I performed within the United Kingdom and Europe.

In 2007 I partnered with two friends to establish the Eveolution live entertainment agency. It was during this time that I had the opportunity to lead the discussions with a number of clientele and explore their live entertainment requirements, whilst also managing & organising a team of performers.

Over the past decade I have worked directly with private clients as well as some of the most respected companies including St Mungo's, to create live musical experiences that bring a delight to both weddings and events, by instilling a positive and memorable impression for their guests. I have also fine-tuned the ability to recognise the beauty of musicianship, and attribute this to specific genres of music so that a pleasurable and ambient feel is created.

Outside of my passion as a musician I have built a successful career as an Internal Auditor. As well as completing professional audit exams and a Masters Degree, I have amassed invaluable on-the-job experience that has equipped me so I am confident consulting with and advising clients so that they are sufficiently empowered to resolve their business challenges.

The culmination of my training and experience means that I can think rigorously, analyse processes methodically, critically evaluate and solve complex problems. Most importantly I can marry the results of the relevant components in order to 'see the bigger picture'. I am adept at planning, organising and working methodically, paying close attention to the finer detail, to ensure that I successfully dot the i's and cross the t's.

Armonia has been birthed using my consulting experience coupled with my creativity and passion for music. You will see that my professional and musical experiences have provided opportunities for me develop a unique set of skills and knowledge; so much so that I set about designing the 'Live Entertainment Planning Toolkit' (or LEPT as it is most commonly known).

The LEPT is a one of a kind framework that brings together the totality of my music industry knowledge and is delivered using the skills I have acquired and developed over time using the experience gained in my consulting capacity. In addition, I have bolstered the LEPT framework using online research, completed over an eighteen month period.

As a result of using the LEPT you will be empowered to effortlessly define and develop the ambience you desire, at the specific junctures of your Wedding, Event, Party or Bar Mitzvah.

The key benefits of the LEPT include;

  • We actively involve you throughout the consultation and planning stages of the process;
  • Our systematic and flexible approach guides you to make informed decisions whilst remaining stress free;
  • You save valuable planning time, so that you can focus your attention on other important aspects of your special day/event; and finally
  • You have access to a sound framework that helps you to minimise unwanted gaps and banish awkward silences.